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Weather in Coldstream past few days very warm and sunny with a light breeze, predication 4 rest of the week continuing the same getting warmer  

A few photos by Annemarie

Monday, Ladies Night in Coldstream, Geoff Levy and Andy Browell enter into the sprit of the week

Franco Gasparotti
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Nice one Bivi and looks like everyone is having a great time. All the best and enjoy the rest of the week.

mike gardner
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Reminds me of a couple of good time girls I used to know in London.  Gents enjoy the rest of the week.

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What a fine pair of scrubbers they are.

Geoff Levy
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Regina has gone, but Tiger Lily is still available!

Annemarie McCall
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They took longer to get ready than I do!!

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Axeman will definately know the two ladies of disrepute you speak of......Gravelback and Fishpants I seem to remember !!

Mike Gardner
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See, Wakey has now referred you to the likes of Fallys finest slappers, what an insault to Miss Gravelback and Miss Fishpants.
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Did them two girls drink in the Three Feathers  and they were sisters wernt they .

Gaz Newton
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Hey mate it seems your having a blast up there in Coldstream.
          Have a good one mate and give my best to all the Lads.

                                                 Gaz N...

Geoff Levy
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Photos from throughout the week -
Geoff Levy
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Photos of Civic Week from Mobiles -
Jeff Bennett
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Fantstic photo`s, agreat time had by all but why are my eye`s allways red...........
Answer...Mr Levy and Mr Markiw!!!!!
Jeff Bennett
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I`m blaming Snowman too. Honest Marilyn, they forced me!!!

Geoff Levy
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Not much forcing went on Captain Jeff - the drunkest pirate on the Coldstream High Seas!

Geoff Levy
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Just some edited photos of Civic Week - feel free to have a look
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Tell me this do they still have a women's football match during civic week where a lad from the Btn would ref then everytime hr blew is whistle he was set upon and after the match he would have to run a mile or get lynched. they did in 88

Keith & Doll Cockburn
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Hi all,
Just checked out 'facebook' photos' from Geoff - who are those fine looking shopkeepers on Coldstream High Street? Ex and Serving personnel always welcome - Coffees' are free! On a more sensitive note the Border Control Sentry Box is apparently now in position on Spa Well Drive - is preparartion for Civic Week '10 well and truly under way?? Well done Geoff & Annemarie, you now have 50 weeks tae get ready for the next yin!!! K&D 
Annemarie McCall
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Not as far as I know. There are a lot of things that change over the years. Anyone can set up any game or parade or whatever they want, so long as they convene and run it and fully inform the Presenting Coldstream Association so that all the H&S paperwork and the risk assessments can be filled in and sent to the local council. Also so that it can be entered into the programme so that everyone knows what is on. It means that during Civic Week there is something for everyone for all ages and all interests.
Listening to some of the Principals from other Border Towns (as they all have their own version of Civic Week) and they say that for the size and population of Coldstream it is one of the biggest with the most events put on and all of them love coming to it. Each Border Town puts a lot of effort into their own week and according to the Museum, Coldstreams is the youngest, starting officially in 1951. It is normally the last one of the season and the thursday ride out to Flodden is a highlight of the week which is not only well attended by riders (334 horses this year), but also visitors to the town and locals from Coldstream and the surrounding area.
You could always convene a Ladies Football Match Terry if you run it????

Yours Aye

Annemarie McCall
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Keith and Doll,
Oh no (she groans) only 50 weeks to get everything sorted. Must make a checklist (Jeff B what am i missing on my checklist?)! What will we do during those long winter nights??? I know.................. well you will just have to wait and see at Civic Week 2010. Lots of work to do. Geoff has a couple of ideas and we only ever do things to bring a smile to people's faces, so it should be funny and try to incorporate everyone who attends.
Before I forget many many thanks to everyone who attended Geoff's birthday in the Stable Bar at The Besom - he was so overwhelmed and so happy that he was surrounded by people he has met and become friends with in Coldstream and that there were so many ex/former Coldstream Guards with him. The friendly banter (and singing) between 1CG and 2CG just added to the fun and gave the locals and riders a lot of fun listening and watching it all. To one and all a heartfelt thank you.
As for the Sentry Box - Geoff has many ideas about how he is going to use it before next year. So watch this space. Our neighbours have seen it being delivered (many thanks Keith) and are all wondering where its' final position will be. I wonder if Geoff will refuse his mother-in-law entry with her being Dutch, then again probably not the best thing to do??!! - LOL.
Yours Aye
Keith & Doll Cockburn
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Hi All!
Additions to checklist Annemarie/Geoff - Waterproofs - Check, Timber for Ark - Check, Chainsaw Protective Gear - Check!!! Sense of Humour - Always. Doesn't look like oor wee shop will survive til next time, so we'll take this chance to thank you all for your support. So far the fund raiser for 'Arthur' has turned up some very welcome support, we are contnuing to raise funds through our market trading and the shop (til it expires), many thanks Alf for your pledge for the WANTED poster, everyone who supports us, support 'Arthur' will receive a copy of a CD of photos, and signed receipt from the CO. By the way, who put the suggestion in the box for STOCKS and asked how long it took to make them, and if this really was a marital aid shop?? The sign said MARINE AID!! Always said spa well needed Border Control - Geoff has now got the job! Cheers Guys - have a nice day - Keith & Doll
Jeff Bennett
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Chain saw . It seems to be an essentil. Personally i pack a G.P.M.G. in the sustained fire mode. Its good for hammering in tent pegs!

Jeff Bennett
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Oh yes,also a blow up mattress with a large kitchen knife sticking out of it.MWAHAHAHA

mick b
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Dex Halliwell
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You have surfaced then Mick.........did you think your pals were going to let a little thing like the "potential coldstream chainsaw masacre of a table" get in the way of friendship.

We still all love love you mad twat.
mick b
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love you too dex xxxxxx
Tomi Root
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Helpful comments , Just to add my thoughts , if anyone wants a Calendar , my business partner filled out a sample version here
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